How they saved 1,700 € changing small habits

They started having breakfast at home more often: less 600 € / year. Like the turmoil of domestic life and the tight schedules typical of those who have two small children, they often even have breakfast out of the house. When they consulted their Tom Sawyer, they realized that they were spending around € 100 in a cafeteria.

The cafeteria is a category that we do not always give due importance, since the values ​​at stake “are only a few changes”. But these exchanges easily reach the hundreds of euros, the Good Finance discovered.

In order to save money in this category, they decided to better organize the morning time so that they could have breakfast at home (and with their families), which allowed them to reduce their cafeteria expenses by 50 € / month, which savings of € 600.

Reduced maintenance costs on one of your accounts: minus 180 € / year

Reduced maintenance costs on one of your accounts: minus 180 & euro;  / year

It is easy to forget the maintenance expenses and commissions that are charged to us by the banks, since these amounts are debited to us in each account and card. It was with surprise that the couple became aware of their total bank charges from the previous year, which led them to take practical steps to reduce them.

Maintenance costs are not the same for all banks and are even free in some banks according to the type of account. With this reduction, the couple managed to save € 15 / month on maintenance expenses and commissions, totaling € 180 per year.

They started to use discount gas cards: less € 252 / year

They started to use discount gas cards: less & euro;  252 / year

There are discounts we no longer enjoy because they were only cents. One of the most common cases resides in the vouchers or discount cards in fuel. The truth is, accounts made, the savings they allow to get is relevant.

“I did not give much importance to the rebates of € 0.10,” Rubim said during the interview with the Late Afternoon. When they consulted in their Tom Sawyer / the value of one of their main expenses in the previous year – Fuel -, they decided to calculate how much they would have saved if they had appealed to the discount vouchers. As a result, fuel discount vouchers became a new habit which translated into an annual saving of € 252.

Reduced number of trips to restaurants: less 720 € / year

Number of trips to restaurants: less 720 & euro;  / year

Saving on a particular line does not always mean cutting it off: just change a few habits. And restoration is one of the best examples: Good Finance has revealed that they have reduced the number of times they would have lunch or dinner at more “chain” restaurants, opting instead to sporadically compensate for one or other romantic and special outing to their favorite places. Final balance: saving of € 60 per month – that is, € 720 per year – without giving up the special moments.